Our industrial tool


Wood Crates processing

The log is cut into ridges. One part is for unrolling, the other part is for sawing.

Sawing: The saw saws the logs in planks intended for the edger, which cuts them into cleats. Cleats are cut on a chainsaw to make the heads of the boxes.

Unrolling: it is about unrolling the logs of wood out of the chainsaw to transform them into slats. These will feed the machines responsible for the manufacture of crates by assembling the elements: “A Sides”, “Heads” and “bottom sticks” of the box.

The crates assembly

La cadreuse : at the head of the assembly line, the first machine makes the frame of the box by assembling “Beside” and “Heads”. She staples them together and directs them to the go-getter

La fonceuse :  this second machine, located at the end of the production line, fixes the bottom sticks which will constitute the bottom of the packaging. Fixing is by staple.

The lids assembly

We also manufacture lids corresponding to the dimensions of our crates


 Drying is a step that allows the stabilization of unwrapped / sawn wood to reduce its moisture content.


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